Amount Given Back To Date: 

Gretchen Bradley

​​2015-2017 Masters Club Agent (Top 10%)

Founder of the Giving Back 4 Homes Program
25 Years Experience in Real Estate Sales/Lending
Nationwide Relocation Specialist
Sacramento Area Military/CHP Relocation Liaison
Proud Wife of a Soldier & Law Enforcement Officer
Licensed Real Estate Agent
NAR, CAR, PCAR Realtor® 
Lic #01894275

2015/2016 Update:

2015 was another amazing year...
Top Producer Meridian Capital Real Estate
AND Masters Club Award

This program is designed to be quick and simple. It helps with some of the costs associated with buying and selling a home. The amount of bonus is a tiered system based upon the home price.

Meet  The  Team

Pam Engle

Transaction Coordinator, 

Realty Source, Inc.

Meet  The  Team

 A portion of the agent’s commission is given back to the customer at closing, as a way of saying “thank you” for your hard work and service. The program has a nationwide network of agents available to assist from any location. Easy Sign-up, buy or sell your home with your Giving Back 4 Homes Realtor and get rewarded!

Realty Source Inc is the sponsoring broker of Gretchen Bradley and the Giving Back 4 Homes Program.  The support of the entire Realty Source staff has made the Giving Back Program possible. 

ABOUT​  us

Michael Bradley

Lic #01989149

The year of 2015 provided the opportunity for numerous accomplishments. I was recognized as a Masters Club Member in the Placer County Association of Realtors (limited to the top 10% of realtors in Placer, El Dorado and Sacramento Counties) and awarded one of the three earned Meridian Capital Real Estate Top Producer awards (out of 151 agents). However, the most meaningful award was that my Giving Back Program gave back $60,814 to my clients; exceeding the year prior!

I get surprised responses after explaining to others where the Giving Back money comes from. It comes from my own pocket.  Yes, I give back my very own money.  There is disbelief in my business concept, but I really do believe in Giving Back. The basis of my success not only stems from years of experience, but also the commitment and dedication I provide to each and every transaction. Though by trade I am considered a realtor, I don’t perceive myself as one in the traditional sense. I help people achieve their dream of obtaining their dream home.

Each and every client is more than just a client to me. They are part of my treasure chest of friends. I often refer to my clients as friends because either they were friends before the buying/selling process or became friends during the process.

Last year brought a couple wonderful additions to the team. Sarah Nesh, my Transaction Coordinator, started with Meridian early in 2015. There is not a more first-rate assistant in the trade.  Her talent makes the program shine. The second addition was my partner in real estate (and life), Michael Bradley. He didn’t quit his day job, but became a licensed realtor in order to assist me when I am extremely busy.

A special thanks to all those that helped achieve these amazing accomplishments. To Lauren, Bryan, Joan, Sarah and Gina; thank you for being an amazing support team and helping me to live my dream of Giving Back. To my wonderful husband; thank you for being my biggest cheerleader and helping me become so successful at my job and in my life. To all the Referral Club Members; thank you for trusting me with your friends and family who I always promise to treat as my own.  To my clients; thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you with the biggest purchase/sale of your life.

I can’t wait to see what 2016 holds in store and how many wonderful people join the others in my treasure chest of friends.

Gretchen Bradley
Meridian Capital Top Producer 2015
Masters Club Award 2015
Giving Back 4 Homes Program Founder

2014/2015 Update

2014 was an amazing year...
Top Producer Meridian Capital Real Estate

Oh what a crazy and wonderful year 2014 was. I was blessed to have another amazing year to help so many people with buying and selling their homes. When I was awarded the Top Producer award again in 2014 by Meridian Capital Real Estate, I was touched. Not because I had helped to buy and sell so many homes, but because the award represented all the lives that I was able to impact. Any of you that have worked with me have heard me talk about my “treasure chest of clients who have become friends”. 

It is that treasure chest that I hold so very dear and near to my heart. It is each one of these amazing life experiences that I cherish because I feel my treasure chest overflowing. Helping each one of my clients has been such a blessing. 

A special thanks from me to all that not only trusted me to help you with your real estate needs, but to all those that supported me along the way. I couldn’t have done it without the support of a great team at Meridian Capital (Lauren, Joan, Gina, Bryan & Sarah). Most importantly, thank you to my friends, family and wonderful husband (who has always been my biggest cheerleader and promoter). Without your love and support, this amazing accomplishment would not have been possible.
You can read some amazing experiences on the Testimonials page. My plan for 2015, is to continue to grow so I am able to help as many people as possible.

Gretchen Bradley
Meridian Capital Top Producer 2014
Giving Back 4 Homes Program Founder

In 2012, my husband decided to leave his full-time career in the military and pursue his dream of a career in Law Enforcement with the California Highway Patrol, (though still committed to the Army National Guard with his part-time service). I realized there were many heroes I want to Give Back to. Having grown up as the daughter of teachers, and currently the proud wife of a soldier and CHP officer, I know firsthand the sacrifices so many have made.

The Giving Back 4 Homes Story

My real estate career began working at a bank in the real estate lending division follow ing college.  My career progression in the real estate field encompassed positions from processor, to underwriter, to secondary marketing administrator. Finally, in 2007, after 15 years in home lending, I decided to switch from lending to sales.  I started working with a group of Realtors and was in charge of their new home division. This experience elevated me to branch out on my own. This culminated in the launch of my Giving Back 4 Homes Program. 

With 20+ years experience in both Real Estate Lending and Real Estate Sales, I know how costly it can be to buy or sell a home. After enduring nearly a year alone caring for a baby while my husband was deployed, I reached an objective to “Give Back” to those people who exceeded their commitment to society.

A great deal of research and preparation was applied to the Giving Back 4 Homes Program. The sacrifice, commitment and hard work of those sacrificing their own safety have not gone unnoticed. Now, there is a real estate program to give back to replace those sacrifices and show you how much you are truly appreciated.

Founder of the Giving Back 4 Homes Program
25+ Years Experience in Real Estate Sales/Lending
Nationwide Relocation Specialist
Sacramento Area Military Relocation Liaison
Proud Wife of a Soldier & Law Enforcement Officer
Lic #01894275​

Scott Engle

Broker, Realty Source Inc.
Lic #01523891

The program which initially catered to military underwent its first expansion to include Law Enforcement, Education, and Fire/Rescue. Their sacrifices have not gone unnoticed as well. Another expansion incorporated a Friends & Family Program because we also want to GIVE BACK to those that support our heroes.  

Gretchen Bradley

Realty Source, Inc.

2015-2017 Masters Club Agent